MA0737 – Alpha Methacryl POSS



MA0737 is a hybrid molecule with an inorganic silsesquioxane at the core and organic methacrylate groups attached at the corners of the cage. MA0737 can provide fast UV cure, scratch resistance, high conversion, enhanced adhesion and hardness properties.


Key Properties
Formula Weight: 1223.57 for octamer
Appearance: clear, colorless, viscous liquid

Viscosity (@ 25˚C): 110-130 Pa s

Viscosity (@ 55˚C): 9-12 Pa s

Refractive index: 1.487 @ 19.3°C

Solvent Stability: THF, chloroform, acetone, acetonitrile, ethanol
Solvent Insolubility: water
Resin Solubility: aromatic and aliphatic resins

Relevant Literature

*POSS additives in energy cure coatings a technical review –

Authorizations: R&D use at this time



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