Executive Team

CEO – Dr. Charles Grayson

Dr. Grayson is an industry veteran in the chemical manufacturing, sales, and distribution channels. Dr. Grayson also serves as the Hybrid Plastics Chairman of the Board. Dr. Grayson provides Hybrid with vision and insight into chemical industry trends and focus on marketing and product development to meet those trends.

President/COO – Gary Moody

Mr. Moody holds a BS in Chemical Engineer from Mississippi State University and an MBA from University of North Alabama. He has over 25 years of industry experience in the chemical industry including over 15 years in FDA regulated facility management. Mr. Moody’s focus is on business development and operation and product management.

Vice President – Dr. Joe Lichtenhan

Dr. Lichtenhan is an original founder of Hybrid Plastics. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Kansas State University and a PhD in Chemistry from University of California – Irvine. Dr. Lichtenhan has over 35 years of industry experience ranging from governmental, aerospace, to business development and ownership. He holds over x patents and has greater than x publications. Dr. Lichtenhan’s specialty is understanding both POSS chemistries along with material science implications of the POSS products.

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