Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, workers in the field need every advantage possible. This means machinery needs a lubricant that will hold up under extreme high temperatures. They also need durable plastics and elastomers that won’t break down under these conditions.  Hybrid lubricants, flow aids & dispersants for thermoplastics and elastomers, and chemical additives use the strength of the POSS molecular cage to keep machinery humming under the most intense industrial conditions. Our products will enhance the mechanical properties of your equipment and come in a diverse array of forms and solubilities.

To learn about the many ways POSS can help improve the reliability and performance of your oil and gas operation, please contact one of our team experts.

For more information on how Hybrid’s POSS products can assist in formulations and oil and gas applications, explore the following products and their specific applications.

MA0735 as Flow and Dispersion Aid for HNBR
See Application    |    Product Page

MA0736 for Adhesives
See Application    |    Product Page

EP0408 for HXNBR Reinforcement
See Application    |    Product Page

EP0409 General Uses
See Application    |    Product Page

EP4F09 Nanosilica Dispersion
See Application

SO1450 as Dispersant for TiO2
See Application    |    Product Page

Other POSS Dispersants

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