• POSS & Cosmetics

    POSS and Cosmetics

    We’re not making just another pretty face. We’re transforming lives.

    The use of POSS in personal care formulations is a new and safe way to achieve hydration, transfer resistance, durability and supple textures, without the inconvenience of formulation complexity.

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Solving Problems with Products and Processes

Hybrid – the creator of POSS® – operates as both research and development catalyst and chemical additive manufacturer. We create the seamless, hybrid fusion of organic and inorganic materials known as polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane. We make it in a way that empowers companies across the globe to solve problems with products and processes.

We develop knowledge. We generate solutions.
And everyday, we strive to unlock more POSSibilities.

Product Categories

Bulk Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

Pricing for large production quantities of a few of our most popular POSS Chemicals


R&D Chemicals

R&D Chemicals

Online catalog of all the POSS® Chemicals we currently offer for purchase.



POSS has proven successful in opening new frontiers in a number of industrial applications, including personal care, oil and gas and coatings. To find out how POSS can help your product achieve better performance without sacrificing mechanical properties, contact our team of experts by filling out the form on the right.

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