EP0408.10.30 – Epoxycyclohexyl ethyl POSS cage mixture 30% Cyclopentanone

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EP0408.10.30 is a hybrid molecule with an inorganic silsesquioxane at the core and organic epoxycyclohexyl groups attached at the corners of the cage. This formulation contains 30% cyclopentanone  for coating applications. EP0408.10.30 can be cured with aromatic, aliphatic amines and photoinitiators. EP0408.10.30 provides increased use temperature, excellent water and solvent resistance and enhanced thermomechanical performance.

Applications: Additive for cationic and thermal cure hard coatings with optical clarity. Can also be utilized as a dispersant and rheological diluent for high shear applications.

Relevant Literature
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*Review of POSS® additives in UV energy cure coatings

CAS: 187333-74-0

Authorizations: INCI



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Coating, Composite

Chemical Functionality



Cationic, Dual, Standard Addition

Reactivity/Non Reactivity



Aliphatic, Aromatic


Adhesion, Cross Linking, Hardness, High Temperature, Hydrophobicity, Modulus, Optical



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