HC1110.71 Vinyl iso-Octyl POSS


Vinyl iso-octyl POSS® is a molecular union of functional olefin chemistry and inorganic-organic compositions.


Hardness enhancement with optical clarity for peroxide, hydroxylation, thiol, and UV/EB cured formulations.  Toughening and compatibilization can also be imparted by the iso-octyl group.  This additive is capable of free radical induced UV cure.

*unique wetting adhesion to polyolefins*


Vinyl iso-octyl POSS® should be considered as a replacement for generation 1, vinyl POSS® (OL1170, OL1160).  It is a highly adhesive and soluble system that imparts a plethora of vinyl-reactivity to olefin-curable formulations.  As a liquid it is readily miscible with a variety of olefinic resins, oligomers, and monomers.

Key Properties

Formula Weight: 719.21 (octamer)

Appearance: Clear colorless viscous liquid

Viscosity: Shear thinning

RI: 1.4687 @ 18.4°C

Solubility: ethers, ketones, alcohols, cyclohexane

Insolubility: water, methanol

*Additional molar ratios of vinyl groups and combinations with other organic groups (iBu, Ph, PEG etc) are available upon request. Send requests to info@hybridplastics.com

CAS: 2126117-68-7



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