HC040713.332 Glycidyl Methacryl PEG POSS®


Glycidyl methacryl PEG POSS® is a molecular union of both disparate functional chemistry and inorganic-organic compositions.

Adhesives coatings, dispersion and reactive rheological diluents.  Ideal for coatings that can benefit from from dual cure, surface energy control, wetting and plasticization. The peg arms serve as dispersants, plasticization, and gloss effects.

Glycidyl Methacryl PEG POSS® is provided in neat form. It is intended to be utilized as an additive. At additive concentrations compatibility is expected with a wide range of coating resins and monomers bearing similar chemical functionality. Compatibility testing is recommended for higher concentrations.


Formula Weight: 2170.90 for octamer

Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid

Viscosity (@25°C):690-700 mPa s

RI (@19.1 °C): 1.4713

Solubility: Alcohols, acetates, and nearly all aromatic/aliphatic epoxy, acrylic, and urethane resins.

Insolubility: Water, Cyclohexane,  silicones-white suspension

Glycidyl Methacryl PEG POSS® is a provided as a mixture of cages sizes 8, 10, 12. The organic groups are randomly distributed around each cage core. The molar ratio of glycidyl, methacryl, and PEG groups is 3:3:2
The distribution of cage size, and functionality around the cage core is analogous to that for functional copolymers.
Heteroleptic Cage POSS are represented by the catalog designation HC. The structure shown is idealized and should not be considered exact.



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