HC0310.31 – Cyclohexylethylepoxy isoOctyl POSS


HC0310.31 is a hybrid molecule with an inorganic silsesquioxane at the core and organic cyclohexylethylepoxy groups attached at the corners of the cage. HC0310.31 serves as a high temperature reactive diluent in both aromatic and aliphatic epoxy resins. POSS molecules also have robust resistance to environmental degradation such as moisture, oxidation, corrosion and UV radiation. EP0409 is also excellent at dispersing silica particles.


Additive for high hardness, hydrophobic optical coatings.

Key Properties
Formula Weight: 1394.26
Epoxy Equivalent Weight: 278
Appearance: Clear, pale yellow, viscous liquid

Viscosity: 270-280 Pa s @ 25°C

Viscosity: 40-50 Pa s @ 50°C

Viscosity: 1100 mPa s @ 25°C at 50% concentrate in n-BuAcetate (Product number HC0310.31.15)

Solvent Solubility: Cyclohexane, THF, acetates
Solvent Insolubility: water
Resin Solubility: aromatic and aliphatic epoxy resins

Authorizations: R&D use at this time



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